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Stephanie McWilliams, Founder

Are you are a health coach sick and tired of running your butt off and hardly making rent? A wellness lover excited to get a kickback for all the free information you share?

We get it, we've been there. Working in multiple locations, as  nutritionists, yoga teachers AND fitness junkies

The LAST thing you need is another credential or another part time gig, start saying NO to the good to make room for the GREAT.

We would LOVE to teach you the exact principles we have used to create TOTAL time and financial freedom with our health businesses.

Work LESS and make MORE!

Ready? Let's go!


We help health coaches and wellness lovers create time and financial freedom by leveraging multiple, passive and residual income streams.


By joining our empire you have access to ALL of our health programs and business systems to CREATE a life you LOVE.

We help YOU build YOUR business

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